I was dying and dumped..
Was getting dry and dread..
For once there was a life in me..
And the source was shine..

The mighty and fierce..
The fervour and fire..
Taking out my belief..
Of giving birth to me..

Though helpless i was..
Then why acting inhuman to me ?
Is that Sun was same ?
Who used to amend for the growth..

I lost the faith..
I gain the doubt..
I was no more..
As with shine he shout..

But fortunate !!

It was a healing touch..
Time to rejoice..
And to get rejuvenate..
Thanks ! to pure drops..

The aid by you..
Was full of dew..
The life gives life..
Now i came to know..

I shall be me again..
Hope shall not go in vain..
The drips from heaven..
Again made the rays my companion..

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