Come Back

Suspect, I come in your dream..
Come back ! is what I scream..
Though I am in other world..
But the thought of your’s never curled..

I can remind of that night..
You were in my arms holding me tight..
Waiting for the moon to grew stronger..
And never appealed for the sun to be brighter and brighter..

The fragrance of your presence..
I could make,even from your absence..
I was deep sunk in you..
And was breathing through your breath..
Wishing to be yours till death..

You and I laid together..
Hoping this to be continued for ever..
And nothing could b better..

But a face of yours..
And a phase of hours..
That I never knew..
Will come and take away from you..

Now I came to know..
You dug a pit in snow..
To left me alone there..
As you couldn’t be mine, for ever..

You hit me with your love..
Made me blind and left with no reason..
Here comes the season again, the snow season..

Which reminds me of my cremation..

Still in this life, though I died for you..
But my hope,will remain alive for you..

Though I am no more for you..
But my scream ‘come back’,’ come back’, will be there for you.

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