Self Cage

Each night near the window pane, In the harmony of air.. With the presence of past,coated with future of present.. The clock ticks away.. Year passes in seconds..moments sunk forever.. The end is nowhere.. The action causes unrealistic motion.. With the laws consent of emotions.. The persistence of dreams.. Is the simulation of chain reaction..... Continue Reading →

Come Back

Suspect, I come in your dream.. Come back ! is what I scream.. Though I am in other world.. But the thought of your’s never curled.. I can remind of that night.. You were in my arms holding me tight.. Waiting for the moon to grew stronger.. And never appealed for the sun to be... Continue Reading →

Mirror World

There's exist a world.. The end of which is already done.. The seen or unseen it may be.. With the joy or pain it could be.. Along the road, when walk alone.. It can be wind or can create a clone.. The pure or impure are they.. And they exist as can say.. Always in... Continue Reading →

Two Feather’s Sheet

Curled and crumbled I was, Struggling between the two feather's sheet, In the horrible situation with the most uncomfortable position.. Through the sleek slits.. Scorching the monster breeze.. Amongst the snoring wolves.. Siting alone and squeezed.. The tinges of the darkest night.. Passed from my open eye.. Each moment I was so drenched.. As if... Continue Reading →


The smoke or was it a cloud of dream Where I was lying but yet flying. The weightless body, or the heaviest core, Blown with the air, while drowning on the shore. The echoes, was it the tick of clock ? Or the blasted victim I was. But could hear from so far, Or near as if I... Continue Reading →


I was dying and dumped.. Was getting dry and dread.. For once there was a life in me.. And the source was shine.. The mighty and fierce.. The fervour and fire.. Taking out my belief.. Of giving birth to me.. Though helpless i was.. Then why acting inhuman to me ? Is that Sun was... Continue Reading →


Each day on the window pane.. Gliding narow taking heavy strain.. All the way flying to town.. This cute bird with its feathers brown.. Moves up down and hops along.. To fetch my attention through its song.. Tries hard hitting the sill.. but frown of my face makes her ill.. Little sparrow in search of... Continue Reading →

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